For Those Interested in Things Jesuit

Reader Jim Bowman writes:

I also have a book that you might like and can send you a copy if you’re interested. It’s Company Man: My Jesuit Life, 1950-1968, which I published at and am peddling at Amazon, B&N-dot-com and elsewhere, as softcover and e-book.

Here is the Lulu site.

My friend Russ Shaw, whom I’ve known since his bishops’ spokesman and my Chicago Daily News religion-writing days, considers it the best account of the decline of the Jesuits he has read. I didn’t intend it that way, but I do let chips fall. Another friend also an ex-Jesuit, Robert Blair Kaiser, couldn’t put it down.


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  • The Ubiquitous

    That seems a little one-sided, and not giving enough credit to the good Jesuits still among us. This is a memoir, so I guess that’s appropriate — Is there a good history yet of the Jesuit civil war?

  • Joseph Q

    I actually spent the weekend looking for a book that helps me understand modern Jesuit philosophy. I am referring to their more progressive members and the current agendas they seek to promote. Are there any books, more recently published, that may kind of walk a reader through that progression, and how the Jesuits have come to be an example of progressiveness for so many devoted followers?

    I am not seeking to agree with their stances, necessarily, but considering the pope’s background with the Jesuits and the current excitement displayed many of their followers, I do wish to come to an educated understanding of their current direction.