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  • GodsGadfly

    A bit off-topic, but: “I’m a stay-at-home mom with a full time job”? Isn’t that a *bit* of an oxymoron? Shouldn’t it be “I’m a mom, and I work full time from home”?

    • hotboogers

      Being a stay-at-home mom is a full time job. I’m not clear on whether that gal understands what she is saying.

      • Fr. Denis Lemieux

        It’s satire, and I’m pretty sure it’s meant to be funny. One of the guys is a barista with a PhD in peace studies or something like that (not going to rewatch it).

  • Rosemarie


    “…and just think of all the hilarious gifs we can make of cats reacting to their owners homes being obliterated.”