Hopeful Signs in Syria

It would be like God to use the ineptitude of a John Kerry and a Bond Supervillain like Putin and turn all that human sin and stupidity into something good. We’ll see. God hears prayer and there were an awful lot of people praying on Saturday.

Lord, hear our prayer!

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  • Stu

    Putin continues to ride Obama like a cheap mule.

    • meunke

      This is because Putin is a shrewd, very intelligent and skillful politician. Obama is an empty suit placeholder who has all the political skill of Chuckles the clown, couldn’t run a petting zoo correctly much less a country, and is out of his depth unless his lines and decisions are made for him and displayed on a teleprompter.

      Putin is… not a good man, to put it lightly when you really look into him. But Syria is far too useful to Russia for Putin to allow it to become another Egypt.

      • Stu

        But one thing Putin does have, is that it is clear that he is for Russia. Yes, he benefits too, but he is clearly about defending his country’s interests and is decisive. Obama…not so much.

        • meunke

          True, that is what I was driving at in my last sentence.

  • naomi

    I find it discouraging that the administration, rather than jump at the chance to avoid mass slaughter, would prefer to denigrate the possibility and give it less-than-serious consideration.
    On the other hand, does anyone else find it a little horrifying and more than passing strange that RUSSIA is sounding more sane, balanced, and less aggressive than the US? How did we begin to occupy a position in the world where RUSSIA is more diplomatic and level-headed than the US???

    • kenofken

      “How did we begin to occupy a position in the world where RUSSIA is more diplomatic and level-headed than the US???”…………

      By the natural progression in which conquering empires become the evil they vanquish.

  • Veronica

    Putin, for all his faults, came out looking like a true leader, in direct contrast to Obama, who came out looking like an awkward elementary school kid who nobody wants to associate with. Sad, but true. He was embarrassing to watch and listen to.

  • Debra

    There are a lot of us still praying!

  • kirthigdon

    I’ve never considered Putin any kind of supervillain and in fact have always considered him a better ruler than those the US has had for the past couple of decades – admittedly that’s not a very high bar. It surprises me not in the least that Putin has responded to the appeal of Pope Francis by coming up with a win/win solution to take Assad’s poison gas off the table. It also does not surprise me that Assad himself favors this since I am convinced (as he and Putin are) that the use of poison gas has been a false flag attack by his enemies. As far as my Congresscritters are concerned, Rep. Farenthold seems to have switched from pro-war to anti-war due to constituent pressure and Sen. Cruz is solidly anti-war. This leaves Sen. Cornyn, who is holding his cards very close on this one. I’m saying more prayers and following up with more phone calls. I’ll be urging that the US accept the proposal of Putin for the elimination of Syria’s poison gas weapons and for a ceasefire and peace conference involving all parties without pre-conditions.
    Kirt Higdon

  • Marthe Lépine

    By the way, we can never know for sure what is in people’s hearts and souls. It is not impossible that such a “supervillain” as Putin might actually begin to “see the light” and slowly turn away from his wicked ways. Never underestimate the power of prayer and grace – and start, or continue, praying for “supervillains” in general and maybe Putin in particular.