In the West, This is Called “Criminal Behavior”

In Yemen, a 40 year old killing his 8 year old bride is called “business as usual”.

Cultural relativism is a load of crap. Some ways of doing life are better than others. Yemeni child marriage, rape, and murder are savagery and should be subject to severe criminal law and punishment on Western soil and the children rescued. But, of course, when “marriage” comes to mean anything that gets hard to enforce, doesn’t it?

Meanwhile, eternal memory to this tragic young victim of a brutal and evil culture.

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  • Manny

    The poor girl. Doesn’t the Koran say anything about garbage like this? Apparently not.

    • said she

      Mohammed was more of a gentleman: his youngest wife was 9 years old. And didn’t kill her.

      • Manny

        I would imagine that even most muslim men don’t kill their wives, but the thought of marrying an eight or nine year old is down right repulsive. And the fact that he can murder them, whether he does or not, says it all.

  • kenofken

    This is a tragedy for the victim and the backward culture that endorses this brutality. That said, you clearly have no credible moral authority or reasoning to engage the issue or to be a part of any real solutions.

    This girl’s death was just a handy springboard to score a few points in the gay marriage culture war, and unfortunate but juicy gift to conservative partisanship which ought not go to waste, if it can spin the agenda. We can’t initiate prosecutions for murder and child rape because the gays and their Prop 8 ruling unraveled our entire basis of law (which, in your estimation, is probably what those poofters really wanted all along). The refusal to enforce sectarian religious doctrine in civil marriage is tantamount to legalizing child rape and murder.

    You have an obsession with the gay marriage issue, but also, it seemed, a streak of basic decency and sense beyond what most of the anti-SSM movement demonstrates. This doesn’t comport with that at all, so I’m going to tell myself that some member of the Phelps clan hacked your account and wrote this.