John C. Wright Could Use a Bit of Help

A reader writes:

Have you heard about the debacle at Tor surrounding John C. Wright’s SF series? Some kind of editorial mix-up caused them to over-order copies of The Hermetic Millennia to the point that he can’t meet his sales goals. Tor has already cancelled the rest of the series, but he can appeal if Millennia sells through.

I bought the book when it came out, and I’m urging everyone I know to storm B&N, Amazon, and their local libraries to drive up sales. Mr. Wright, along with you and Mike Flynn, has been instrumental in giving me the fortitude to keep writing. I’m trying to give back, and I encourage others to do the same. If anything, Mr. Wright’s dilemma sounds like an occasion for a work of mercy, don’t you agree?

I do agree, although I don’t really think it mercy, but justice, to prosper such a fine writer and good man by paying him for his great work. If you are looking for a jolly read from a great fantasy writer, get this book! This is one of those times where doing good also happens to involve having fun.

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