Just Did an Interview with NBC

…over the phone. We’ll see how it comes out. Tracy Connor from NBC wanted to know what I thought about the practical impact of allowing priests in the Latin Rite to marry. Basically, I said I’m fine if the Church decides to change the discipline, however the logistical impact should be considered, particularly by lay people who think this will fix the Church. Because what it really means is that chintzy Catholics who only put a dollar (if that) in the collection plate will now be asked to support not just a one low-paid and overworked priest, but his whole family, their health care needs, their room and board, and their entire education from kindergarten through college. It will also mean (if statistics mean anything) enduring the trauma and expense of a 50% divorce rate, with parishes being bloodily sawn in two with factions supporting each spouse, etc.

Meantime, I don’t think lifting the discipline will have an appreciable impact on vocation rates.

We’ll see how well my points get translated into journalese. The reporter’s name was Tracy Connor. She seemed like a pretty smart gal. I’ll post a link when it runs.

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