Just enough of us. Way too many of you poor, dark-skinned people

Well-heeled social planners send that message as they have for decades. A reader writes:

I just scanned the latest need-more-abortion study . I thought you could provide some great insight if you had some time.

For example, I had to shake my head in disgust when I read this line:

“Low-income and minority women are most likely to be served by public health departments or community health centers,[8] most of which do not provide abortions.”

I couldn’t help but think, “Yeah, in other words, just enough of us; too much of them.”

Don’t you wish the authors had actually asked the “low-income and minority women” if they even wanted to have abortions in the first place? Never mind that perhaps they go to community health centers because, you know, they don’t want to have abortions.

My suspicion was confirmed when I read this line in the discussion section:

Nationally, 92% of abortions take place in the first trimester,[7] but Black, uninsured, and low-income women have less access to this care.[6]

You see? If we can just provide them increased access to first trimester abortions, then it will be easier on our consciences to provide this “care” because we would rather kill the babies when, you know, they look less like a neonate and more like a kidney bean! Don’t you see how egalitarian we are?

Also, I want to thank you for sharing prayer requests from your viewers, and pray you continue your generosity for the years to come!

Actually, I don’t have much to add. You called it right.

As to why the Planners don’t ask their patients what they think should be done to them: My dear Wormwood, do remember that the job of the tempter is to fuddle humans. The way you talk anybody would think it was hell’s job to teach. Abortion is born, in large measure, from the immense pride of those who Know Better than lower orders what should be done to the lower orders. Does the butcher consult the goose’s opinion as he calls “Dilly dilly! Come and be killed”?

Finally, thank you for your kind words. God bless you!

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  • Is this how the women who work in Planned Parenthood (or support it) would talk? In my experience, no.

  • GinaRD

    “Oh God! to hear the insect on the leaf pronouncing on the too much life among his hungry brothers in the dust!”

  • JMB

    But actually – I think there have been studies suggesting exactly the opposite: that Planned Parenthood and the like precisely choose neighborhoods that are low-income and predominantly minority based. See Dorothy Roberts’ Killing the Black Body.