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Over at Catholic Cravings Daniel Nour is blogging fast and furious on Volume II: First Guardian of the Faith, from my Mary, Mother of the Son trilogy.

Post 1

Post 2

Marytown Press says the reissues of MMOTS should be soon!

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  • Daniel Nour

    Thank you for the endorsement Mark! At Catholic Cravings, we blog our journeys from Protestantism back home to the Catholic church. Sincerity and truth matter to us and our readers

    I’d add that I’ve recently published post 3 in the series, on that heavyweight titan among Marian dogmas, the Immaculate Conception.

    Here it is:

    I thank you for the intelligent, refreshing and challenging Mary Mother of the Son Series. “Pagan creep” theory, the sheer myth and propaganda that surrounds Catholicism, and the relevance of church tradition, especially the Rosary- have all been a source of encouragement!