Praise God for Dogs

The first 45 seconds are the interesting part, where a dog saves a baby from crawling out into the water.  You can skip the rest unless you speak Turkish.

I’ve always loved dogs.

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  • keddaw

    Revelation 22:15
    Outside are the dogs and sorcerers and the sexually immoral and murderers and idolaters, and everyone who loves and practices falsehood

    Dogs are not universally loved by the Abrahimic religions.

    • chezami

      Thanks for the bulletin, Captain Buzzkill.

      • keddaw

        It’s your magic book of Truth…

        • chezami

          Only Fundamentalists and atheists (but I repeat myself) think the Bible is supposed to be the Big Magic Book of Everything.

          • keddaw

            It sure would be nice of someone would tell us which parts of the Bible are “True” and which are meant metaphorically, and what those metaphors are supposed to mean.

            • Rosemarie


              That’s what the Catholic Church is for. She is the interpreter of Scripture.

            • chezami

              There’s this whole long history of biblical commentary and interpretation from this thing called “the Church” that you might want to check out sometime. Or you would if you actually meant to do anything but ignore your own fake desire for better understanding. Sin makes you stupid.

    • Rosemarie


      OTOH, Tobiah had a pet dog that accompanied him and St. Raphael on their journey (Tobit 6:2, 11:4).

      The reference to “dogs” in Revelation 22 is not to canine animals, anyway. It was an expression used back then for despicable human beings. Even today, moderns still sometimes compare people they don’t like to dogs; that’s not just a feature of a backward time.

      BTW, the “Abrahamic religions” don’t universally agree on much, if anything. Even monotheism itself takes different forms among them. So talking about what the “Abrahamic religions” think about dogs is meaningless. The Islamic attitude toward them would drag that down considerably, but Christians don’t agree with the popular Muslim view of dogs. So acting as though there’s just one big bad “Abrahamic” religious tradition is problematic.

      As for the Catholic view of dogs (which is more particular to this blog than some nebulous “Abrahamic” view), the Church assigns them at least two patron saints: St. Roch and St. Hubert of Liege (the latter is patron of hunting dogs in particular). They are depicted in sacred art with a number of other saints as well, such as St. Dominic Guzman and St. Martin de Porres. St. Philip Neri had a pet dog. St. Bernard dogs are named after St. Bernard of Menthon, since the monks at the monastery he founded started using them to help rescue lost travelers.

      St. John Bosco had a mysterious canine protector that he named Grigio, who showed up only when he needed protection. Some actually thought that Grigio might be an angel who took the form of a dog because he never ate and St. John saw him for the last time thirty years after Grigio’s first appearance (what dog lives that long?).

  • Diana

    Dear Mark: Even without the video showing a lovely event (dog saves baby), I can wholeheartedly endorse your post title. In fact, I thank God for my dogs daily!

  • Marthe Lépine

    Then you might also like that story:
    Dog honoured as Lac-Mégantic hero
    Yorkshire terrier saved master’s life during Lac-Mégantic train crash and explosion
    CBC News Posted: Sep 26, 2013 1:38 PM ET Last Updated: Sep 26, 2013 3:05 PM ET

  • honzik

    My oldest son has a seizure disorder, which has thankfully been under control with medicine for a while. He also loves to swim. The interesting thing was that when he would go swimming at my parent’s pool, my parent’s sheepdog would follow him around at the edge of the pool, keeping track of him, and pretty much ignoring everyone else.

    Man’s best friend, indeed!

  • abraxas

    If you were to come to Romanian city streets and get first hand knowledge of untamed and untrained dogs, you would be deluded to continue saying “praise God for dogs”, including all dogs in this praise. The dog is an animal who by its nature attacks, bites, maims or kills (as are other species in Canis genus, family, whatever it is, such as coyotes, dingo dogs, African wild dogs, jackals, wolves, foxes). It must be tamed and trained and even then it can bite its master without direct, visible cause. Not for nothing middle easterners looked down upon dogs, considering them dirty, unclean creatures, unlike lambs. So please allow me not to share your love of dogs.