“The Takeaway” wrote and cancelled

They say they “want to go in a different direction” but ask if they can call in a few weeks.  That’s kind of how these things go in the roiling world of lickety-split media.  Oh well…

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  • moseynon

    Well, shoot.

    But, at least you are in their Rolodex. And it seems likely they consider you to to be a reliable Catholic source, as well.

  • DJ Wambeke

    Well, they just lost one listener for today’s show….

  • FrankieBeanPie

    The “different direction” they took was to continue to the MSM misinterpretation of Pope Francis’ comments. They had on a Dr. Victoria Flemming who is a therapist and “practicing Catholic” (as stated in the program) for her viewpoints on the Pope’s comments (?!). I couldn’t figure out how they picked her or what authority or persuasion she held.

    My guess is that they knew Shea would downplay the revolutionary aspect of Pope Francis’ interview that the MSM is playing up and reiterate that the Pope is not saying anything contrary to Church teaching.

    It was a blase and one sided segment, and it wasn’t very good.

    Here’s the broadcast: http://www.wnyc.org/radio/#/ondemand/319355

    • moseynon

      Thank you for that link. I had tuned into my radio station, only to discover that the broadcast had been pre-empted by a different show which airs only on Fridays. I had forgotten about that substitution, and your help saved me some time.

      I agree, the segment was disappointing. I don’t doubt that the producer thought he was being balanced in selecting Fr. Bretzke and Dr Fleming. However, Fr. Bretzke took a middle of the road approach and he wasn’t given an opportunity to correct Fleming’s more opinionated views. Having Mark Shea on the program to put forward an apologetic perspective would have provided the balance which this segment of “The Takeaway” lacked.