Topsy Turvy

Russians act like grownups and broker deal on Syria while the President from 7th Grade (pictured here) tries to “save face” (cuz it’s all about him) and fails.  There may be light at the end of the tunnel.  The only people opposed are the child rapists and Christian murderers, also known as “our valued allies in the struggle for freedom”.

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  • CS

    Sunday night I listened to people talk about how important it is for these men to look tough or lose their manhood around the world. Never has the world needed more a vision of authentic manhood, in which power flows from one’s devotion to justice and caretaking of the vulnerable.

    • Stu

      Maybe the President is still trying to somehow recover from this.

      • meunke

        That is pretty bad. I mean the only thing worse would be a white basket on the front and one of those squeeze honk horns. If he had had playing cards in the spokes we would already have nuked the entirety of Asia.

        • kenofken

          What’s worse are those guys, and every town has one, who ride the bike old-style trikes with the orange safety flag on the five-foot fiberglass mast (alternatively, a POW/MIA flag, or both). We’ve all seen that guy, Rail skinny, white hair, never looks a day older, rides all day every day with no particular destination or origin. The guy who looks at risk of homelessness but you never see him sleeping in a park or anyplace public? Yeah, that guy, He’s straight out of Stephen King and every town is assigned one. I want to give one of those guys four years in the presidency. We have little left to lose!

  • meunke

    I think this is the best summary of the war supporters I’ve seen yet:

    • Stu

      I think that is supposed to be satire but I’m not sure.

  • Richard

    A peaceful solution after a day of prayer and fasting, Maybe Pope Francis deserves some credit.

    • Stu

      I’ll buy him a beer…even if it is a day late.

      • kenofken

        Living as he does in Washington, Mark could buy him a joint! :)

  • Thibaud313

    Amen to all that Mark !

  • Rachel K

    I’m strongly hoping that the President is as committed to peace as everyone else, but sees his role as playing bad cop to Russia’s good cop to pressure Syria–in effect, that he’s as relieved as everyone but doesn’t think Assad will comply unless he truly believes Obama means to follow through. I don’t know if that’s what’s really going on in his head, but it’s the most charitable read I can muster.

    • Rachel K

      Oof. Of course, I posted that before he made his speech, which indicates that the bad cop act is not, in fact, an act. Oy.

      • The Deuce

        Remember that he would’ve attacked Syria Friday before last, if the Brits hadn’t backed out at the last second and the polling hadn’t made it clear he was about to commit political suicide with a unilateral strike, without even having Congress to share the blame. He was all geared up for an immediate strike, but only delayed, once again, to save face.

  • enness

    Ahhh…I am so tired of that particular face.

    But then, I’m a little tired of Putin’s, too.