An Extremely Real and Not At All Fake Person Writes:

Good day my dear how are you doing,please my name is Mr Rowland Robinson I from United State of American and I,m working as a bank manager in Egypt and I discover about $ 5, million us dollars in the bank, please my dear I don’t have any other option than to contact you,please my dear for us to be a malty millionaire is in our hands I wanted to send this money to you so that we can established business in your country.I,m waiting to hear from you so that I can tell you what to do thanks.

I, for one, see no reason not to jump at the chance to be a malty millionaire.

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  • Gail Finke

    Mr. Shea that person is not at ALL fake. I know because I have received many letters exactly like that, all from different people! If it were fake, the letters would all be from the SAME fake person, duh. QED.

  • HornOrSilk

    You have to drink a lot of beer to get to be a malty millionaire.

  • I want to be a malty millionaire, I like my beer dark!

  • Andy

    I will get me hops moving on being a malty millionaire.

  • Jed

    I want to be a malty millionaire. A high gravity, IPA drinking, sometimes a stout, malty millionaire!

    • Sally Wilkins

      I have Celiac Disease, can I get one that’s gluten-free?

  • Stu

    “I, for one, see no reason not to jump at the chance to be a malty millionaire.”
    Sounds like a whopper to me.

  • She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named

    I, for one, will lose all respect for you if you don’t take advantage of this fortuitous opportunity.

  • John Thrippleton

    mmmmmmm malty

  • kenofken

    It sounds as plausible as anything coming out of Washington these days. Treasury might have to start mass mailing these sorts of letters if they don’t get the debt situation figured soon.