Behold the Toilet…

where Luther strained to produce the Reformation!

Okay.  Low humor, I know.  But then, ol’ Marty did love his poop and fart jokes.

A few years ago, a very sweet Evangelical family that was part of our homeschool group told us their daughter was going to do a study of Luther and wanted us to be forewarned (out of a genuine and generous consideration for our feelings as Catholics).  My wife said it was fine by us, but that they should be aware that they might be scandalized once they got a good look at some of Luther’s more… earthy… rhetoric.

Very nice suburban American Protestants (and many Catholics who have absorbed a sort of quasi-Calvinist ethos from surrounding American culture) would have a heart attack if they were subjected to some of the incredibly raunchy and gross polemics that came out of the Reformation.  Faith of our Fathers!

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  • James H, London

    That’s where he produced his 95 faeces!


    I came across a polemic written by St Thomas More against Luther, somewhere. The coprography is incredible!

  • Stu

    They’d be scandalized if they flushed out what he really thought in terms of theology as well.

  • Jordan

    I read this off of Simcha Fisher’s facebook page, and some of the comments on her post brought me to tears, haha.

  • Thomas J. Ryan

    Some of Marty’s writings are so filthy, they haven’t been translated. He wrote a lot in his life, but you seldom come across a book BY Luther

  • Dave G.

    To be honest, they probably don’t give it much thought. If they did, most (not all, most) would figure that was then. If they had a certain bathroom level of rhetoric, it was because it was still an age where folks were a little more ‘earthy’ about such things anyway. And unless we have a commode in the living area of our house, or have a common bedroom where we do everything (and I mean everything) in the same room with family, then the assumption would be, on the side of such folks, that this is why we also move the language forward. Ideally we’ve moved forward in general.