Friar Roderick Burke Commits Grave Sins of Faith, Hope and Love

…instead of doing his duty as a Real Catholic and panicking about Bad Pope Francis and his imminent destruction of the Church based on The Latest Rumor from Wherever. He writes:

The Data from the Questionnaire of the Visitation of the Franciscans of the Immaculate has been published on Vatican Insider. Here is a translation in English:

What is certainly clear is that there were more than just a handful of friars who had a problem with the governance of the institute and how the TLM was introduced. I think it is important to get the word out on this because the Pope has been accused acting rashly by restricting the use of the TLM at the complaint of a mere handful. This shows that the Pope had to act.

This kind of failure to Get Really Mad on a hair trigger one lays the Church wide open to outbreaks of wimpy charity and hope. Keep this up and Catholics are going to start trusting God to guide and provide for his Church and stop trying to save it through suspicion, paranoia, hopelessness, and angry defeatism.

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