Godwin Delali Adadzie is one of my favorite people on the Internet

He’s a gung ho African evangelist for the Faith and he writes:

Could you share my work on the Hail Mary over here http://www.abouttherosary.com/is-the-hail-mary-biblical/ and also ask the people to download my booklet, print it out and share it with others by visiting http://www.abouttherosary.com


Godwin is one of the reasons the Church is booming in Africa and is a great sign of hope for me.  Go Godwin!  Win people for God!

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  • Thanks Uncle Mark Shea for posting my work on the Hail Mary prayer and also the Rosary booklet again on your most respected blog at Patheos. I am so happy and humbled and I especially love how you see our work for the Lord as what Jesus Himself calls it, “God’s vineyard.” That word “God’s vineyard,” always make me think really deep about why we are here on Earth as both pilgrims and missionaries for the service of God. God bless you in your labour in His vineyard where we labour in hope for the great harvest to be revealed at the end of the age. Gloria Deo.