Hartford Gets a New Bishop named Leonard Blair…

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  • http://ephesians4-15.blogspot.ca/ Randy Gritter

    It is interesting how the Blair appointment is inconsistent with the new reality created by Pope Francis. Yet the appointment was made by Pope Francis. Turns out it is the same guy!

    I think they need a Ratzinger. Remember how everything good that came out of Rome was from that saintly Pope John Paul II and everything bad that came out of Rome was from that evil Cardinal Ratzinger? Now that they have a saintly pope they need someone evil to explain all the decisions they don’t agree with and therefore Pope Francis must not agree with.

    • Stu

      Bizarro Francis?

      • Margaret

        Franz? His identical German cousin?

  • Stu

    “Turns out the National Catholic Reporter may not really represent The Voice of the People”
    Indeed. They represent themselves and themselves only.

  • enness

    Thank you.

    In order to have any credibility in claiming to hear the vox populi of Hartford, it kind of helps to live here. I’m not a regular reader of Winters but I see no obvious evidence that he has ever lived anywhere except Washington, D.C.

    I meandered over there the other day to politely suggest that he get a grip.