Hey Sacramento!

I’m on your radio this morning at 9 AM.   Catch me on the Bishop’s Hour, 1620 AM.  The host, I am happy to report, is regularly excoriated as both a bleeding heart liberal and a neanderthal conservative.   In other words, he’s Catholic.

We’ll be talking about the revised and expanded By What Authority?: An Evangelical Discovers Catholic Tradition, a book you badly need and can order by clicking on this lovely cover:

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  • moseynon

    KSMH-AM is part of the Immaculate Heart Radio empire. I am not sure whether you can listen to to that particular station online, as you may get the network feed instead. But here is the radio station’s webpage. It has useful links for the local area.

    For those in northern or central California, here is a map of the KSMH broadcast radius.

    Immaculate Heart Radio archives its locally produced programs, so anyone who misses the broadcast will be able to listen to Mark’s interview after it is over.

  • Joseph Q

    Swell. 9:45. I just read this. Sigh….. But I think his show replays at 9:00pm on the same station (I stress…I “think”)