I’ll be on Al Kresta’s show today

…from 4 Pm to 5 PM Eastern time. You can stream it here. We’ll be talking about “By What Authority?”

Al’s a mensch. He’s been very kind to me over the years. A good egg.

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  • Daniel Nichols

    And a total neocon and fan of Fr Sirico and the Acton School of Revisionist Catholicism. I do admit he is a nice guy, smarter than the average talk show host, and never rude.

    • Dan C

      Oooh! Really! Such fun. And manages to be a Catholic too.

    • Gene T

      Come on Daniel. Enough with the labels. If you have a particular beef with Al of Fr. Sirico go for it but I’m so tired of the combox crap that is spewed

  • kathyschiffer

    That’s great–but it won’t be at noon Eastern Time. Al’s show airs live from 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Eastern. YOU, my friend, are being prerecorded. (You can hear the show on-line at avemariaradio.net.)