My Home Town

A friend writes:

Today I walked into the Catholic Campus Ministry Office (they don’t call it a Newman Center) at Seattle University and had this little exchange:

Me: Hi, I was wondering if you could tell me about the confession schedule on campus.

Front desk: HUH? Confession schedule?

Me: Yes, do you know when the priests hear confessions during the week here?

Front desk: What’s that?

Another lady in campus ministry comes running over to intervene, wearing a fair trade eco-shawl.

Campus ministry lady: Can I help you?

Me: Do the priests hear confessions here?

Campus ministry lady: We do have a reconciliation service during Lent!!

Me: What about during the week?  Isn’t there a time the priests hear confessions…like on a Saturday afternoon?

Campus ministry lady: Oh no, we don’t have that. There aren’t enough students who would come to something like that.

Me: Oh. I guess the priests must do it by appointment.

Campus Ministry lady: Here’s Father’s card. Give him a call! I’m sure he would love to meet you!

Me: I bet.

Our local Jesuit University, last seen hiring a female Episcopalian Muslim to teach New Testament Studies.  The Jezzies saw no problem, but the Episcopalians excommunicated her.  Gotta love it when the Episcopalians are the rigidly orthodox ones.  I’m still waiting for the Church to open inter-religious dialogue with the Jesuits.

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