On the Road to Mpls/St. Paul for the Debate with Michael Voris

That’ll be tomorrow at St. Augustine parish for the Argument of the Month club. Here’s the, uh, write-up:

Oktoberfest at AOTM- Special Event- Starts at 3pm
Roll up your sleeves, men, and come hungry—not only for the debate of the year, but also for Oktoberfest beer, brats, cigars, and more in the tent outside and maybe even a dunk tank for whoever loses the debate. This may not be fun for wimpy, girly men, but the rest of you will want to come early and stay late! Festivities will begin early outside under the tent so plan accordingly. By that I mean take off work early and get your but down there!
AOTM General Event Information
3:00pm Event begins -Basement hall is open and tent outside/ Social Hour and Appetizers
6:00pm Debate Voris vs. Shea
7:00pm Dinner
7:30pm Round Table Battle- Voris, Shea, Matt and Deavel
8:30pm Dessert
8:45pm Wrap up round table discussion with closing remarks.
9:15 Closing prayer

For more information contact:

Oh dear. Yes, well, about that: Your prayers that it will be an actual debate ordered toward getting at truth would be appreciated.

As to the rest, I’ll also be hanging out with Dale Ahlquist, soaking him for lunch and/or dinner, and visiting with the Chesterton Academy before the debate and round table tomorrow night, plus doing some sort of interview. Should be busy, and during the down times, I will find some way to make myself a nuisance to Dale.

Back here Thursday. I will plug in some fun stuff to run while I’m gone.

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  • Maggie Goff

    I hope they plan to film this so we can all eventually see it. I wish I could be there, but it’s a male thing, right? I like both of you.

    • moseynon

      Maggie, I do not know if they will produce a video recording, but they have an extensive archive of audio recordings of past debates. So, at the very least, I would expect we can listen to the debate at some point.

      As for the “No grils aloud” policy, the club was initially open to women, but only two ever showed up. After praying about it, the club decided to just make it for guys only, so they could let their hair down (or whatever guys do when they want to be relaxed and socially incorrect.) 🙂

      This is from the club’s “About Us” webpage:

      “God was showing us that men needed a group that allowed them to come, talk about the issues that mattered most and share in a common bond or brotherhood rooted Catholicism. Modern society has tried to kill true manhood and we hoped this was one way to help restore it. Of course once we said it was for men only a lot of women said, “Hey we want to come!” Sorry gals too late. Most women, however, have been very supportive of our group.”

  • That would be fun to watch. As Maggie below me asks, could they film this?

  • ivan_the_mad

    I misread dunk tank as drunk tank, and thought “My, but that sounds like quite the party they have planned”.

  • vox borealis

    Debate, beer, sausages…it sounds like heaven!

  • Phil in Canada

    We gonna have us a pencil-twirling good time!