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Mike Brummond writes on how he learned to cope with anxieties and doubt with the infertility he and his wife have experienced, and he found it through abandonment to God.

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The Sheer Orwellianism of Crisis

The Sheer Orwellianism of Crisis

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  • Rachel

    Its easier said than done. My husband and I have struggled with infertility for several years now and its looking like, barring some miracle, we won’t be able to have children naturally. I just looked last night online on what steps are needed to be eligible for adoption and some of them scare me. We haven’t begun the process but I don’t know if we will get to be able to adopt. I am scared :(. Please pray for us.

    • ivan_the_mad

      Be assured of my prayers, Rachel.

    • thisismattwade

      Rachel, we know your pain in our household too. Be assured of my wife’s and my prayers as you discern the Lord’s will. God bless.

    • AquinasMan

      My wife and I are also childless. After looking into adoption, witnessing the process and experience of friends who went that route, and after much discernment, we opted not to pursue it. As Mike writes in his article, we are dealing with what feels like that unbearable silence on the part of God, with regard to our marriage and spiritual growth. Even in “accepting” our situation, it’s unavoidable to have moments of deep sadness. I will pray for you and your husband, and that God’s will is realized in your marriage. Please pray for my marriage, as well.