Pope Continues Presenting the Inhabitants of Fortress Katolicus…

with the problem of his being an enormously attractive evangelical witness to those outside Fortress Katolicus. This time it’s an Episcopalian. I can almost hear the collective “Ewww!” from the Perfecti inside the Fortress.

I’m old enough to remember a time when it was a good thing, not a catastrophe, that non-Catholics were attracted to the Catholic faith. Somehow, however, we have arrived in a weird hour when those who regard themselves as the most pure and sterling representative of the faith now see evangelism as a danger and the pope as a menace. And no small part of their gripe is that he, like his predecessors, rejects proselytism even as he practices evangelism. Apparent the critics prefer proselytism–because it’s more effective at alienating people or something. Weird.

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