Some Happy Prolife News…

for your Wednesday.

"As I see it, "legitimate in principle" would mean that, in "theory" it remains legitimate ..."

David Bentley Hart Takes Apart By ..."
"Capital punishment is an issue about which reasonable people can disagree, but your mention of ..."

David Bentley Hart Takes Apart By ..."
"Fourth Circuit opinion:"

The Parable of the Bridge
"The concept of "non-negotiable evil" guarantees that there are "negotiable" evils. And since this is ..."

Rebecca Hamilton brings the truth

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  • B.E. Ward

    Someday, it’d be really, really nice to see these kinds of stories come out of Seattle U or Gonzaga.

  • Neil Leslie

    My late father was an Auburn alumnus. I suspect he’d be pleased to read this. Waaaaar Eagle! :)