Been Listening to Bruce Cockburn Lately

I always loved him, particularly Dancing in the Dragons Jaws, which always takes me back to a particular late spring in north Seattle during my college days, and Sunwheel Dance, one of the most joyous albums he ever made, where even the autumnal melancholy that infuses this:

is happy.

Also, there is the wonderful Christian defiance of “Dialogue with the Devil”

…the Franciscan Vagabond poverty and freedom of this:

and the sheer joy of this:

Heck. Just get the album.

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  • Joshua Wilson

    What is this “album” you speak of?

    • chezami

      The term is found in ancient ruins of Motown in Detroit. Archaeologists are striving to understand the meaning of the word, but it is still unclear.

  • Richard Bell

    Q: How do you know you are a parent?

    A: Your favorite Bruce Cockburn song is “Hey! Its Franklin”.