His Abysmal Undersecretary Screwtape…

has written a new letter to his new apprentice Grubmuck, detailing the strategy for attacking the work of the Church since the election of one of his worst enemies to the See of Peter.

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  • Thinkling

    I absolutely love reading pieces where commenters attempt to take issue with it, but in so doing, actually make the point of the piece even stronger. That piece is exactly such a piece, even if there is also an agent of the Enemy in the comboxes trying to undue the work of the Lowerarchy.

    And just for the record. “Lowerarchy” just might be the best piece of wordplay ever. Thank you Clive Staples.

    • honzik

      I agree! I love “Lowerarchy” too, although were I to write the piece, I’d not refer to you-know-who as “Our Father Below” but rather as “Our Master Below”. It strikes the proper contrast….

      • Michelle

        I also like “Our Master Below” as more appropriate, but “Our Father Below” was C. S. Lewis’s choice in “The Screwtape Letters.” If I had to guess, I’d say Lewis probably would say that no one in hell serves a “master.”

  • Rosemarie


    I love what Br. Jay Rivera writes in the comments box, especially:

    “At the end of the day, it makes no difference what these reverts think Pope Francis is going to do, nor does it make a difference what the press says he’s going to do. We shouldn’t care what gets people into the pews. Bishop Sheen used to say that as long as they get into the pews, that’s all that matters to us. The rest is up to God. Faith is a gift that he gives, not us.”

    Yes, that makes sense. Some may be returning because of the news media’s distortion of the popes words, but as long as they’re back in the pews, that’s a good thing. God can use it for good.

    • IRVCath

      Chrystostom said something similar. Bishop Sheen would admit that he takes material from the Fathers.