Maria Divine Mercy…

is another complete and utter fraud and now it appears it’s all coming out.  The incredible thing is that anybody fell for it in the first place.  The even more incredible thing is that, for a good number of people, nothing will change as a result of her exposure.

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  • angelswhisper

    I have heard that over 30,000 people fell for it Mark. It’s a massive deception!

    • Mary Zinkiewicz

      Abortion, murder in the Eyes of God, will be forced upon all
      nations as a sign of defiance against the Almighty Father, God the Most
      High. When you condone this wicked abomination, you are guilty of
      terrible sin. The sin of abortion is a mortal one and those responsible
      will burn in the fires of Hell for eternity.

      To those of you who refuse to accept this grave error, you have
      little time left to secure salvation. For when the great day comes,
      unless you have turned your back on this wicked act, you will never see
      the Face of God.

      Murder is one of the most serious acts of defiance against God and it
      will be punishable by castration. The great divide, amongst the human
      race, has begun. Those who side with the beast and condone all that
      defies the Word of God will be separated from their brothers and
      sisters. Do not underestimate My Warning. Accept abortion and you accept
      the deliberate killing of a child of God. If you cannot find remorse in
      your soul, then you will never see Me. I will cast you into the

      My Love and Mercy may be great. I will forgive the most blackened of
      souls, but without remorse, My Justice is final. My punishment is
      eternal. Love Me and I will cherish you. Destroy the life of another
      human being, created by the Love of My Father, and you too, will lose
      your life.

      Your Jesus

  • Dave

    How is MDM making money off of all of this? Or is she just deceived herself? I have seen the (obviously heretical) messages floating around, but wasn’t sure how she was making any personal gain from them.

  • Eve Fisher

    I’m always amazed at the number of people who completely ignore what Jesus said about prophecy and the end times: “But of that day or that hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” and “But of that day or that hour no one knows, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son, but only the Father.” Mark 13:6 and 13:32. But I suppose it’s much more fun to think you’re getting the inside word…

  • Sam

    I don’t understand what the upside for this seer would be. Book sales would be hardly enough to carry the website. She wanted to remain anonymous. So fame isn’t it. And she has been around for three years on the net and she only has 35,000 followers. That is hardly Miley Cyrus type of following. She predicted the day that the pope would resign. You know that was the day that lightning struck the Vatican twice. Oh yea and this pope was predicted to be the last pope by SAINT Malachy. And we may be in the final years of the 70 weeks of Daniel. And Israel is surrounded by enemies. Oh yea and they have reformed as a nation from all over the world. No rebuilt Temple and the destruction of Damascus hasn’t happened yet. But it looks like it could given what is going on in Syria. I think we should keep an eye out for the signs of the times. There have been a lot of predictions maybe we should wait before we judge.

  • Mary Zinkiewicz

    Friday, October 26th, 2012 @ 18:00

    My dearly beloved daughter, My Kingdom on earth is about to become a reality.

    For so long promised by My beloved Eternal Father, the New Kingdom, the New Paradise is the greatest gift.

    The secret to understanding My New Kingdom lies in the mystery of My
    suffering in the Garden of Gethsemane. When I fell prostrate before My
    Father, weeping with grief, it was because of the loss of souls in the
    future who would burn in the fires of Hell, despite My Sacrifice on the

    My humiliation at the hand of Pontius Pilate was not painful to Me
    because of the public scorn, but because I knew that those same souls
    would be lost to Me. And so I wept tears of sadness as I watched them
    deceived by Satan, an evil force they could not see but who infested
    every fibre of their being.

    When you see Me, My daughter, worried it is for good reason. For
    those souls who pour scorn on these messages do I also weep. They are
    not in the full state of being in union with Me. Because of their sin of
    pride, arrogance, lack of knowledge and humility, they insult My word.

    They then try to prevent the hearts of those, I wish to reach, from embracing My Holy Word.

    For them do I also weep for they do not know the serious consequences
    of their actions as they betray My True Word, as it is being presented
    to every one of God’s children, at this time.

    So many souls, deprived of My Word, because of the actions of those who say they represent Me in the world, will be lost.

    Just as I suffered a terrible agony, when facing the jeers of those
    who stood next to the golden throne of Pontius Pilate, I suffer today.
    The pain I suffer, through you My daughter, is not different today than
    it was then.

    Those who humiliate My Word, given to you My daughter, cut Me through to the bone in agonising pain.

    They have driven the final nails, through My suffering soul as I try, once again, to salvage the human race from destruction.

    Pray that My Father, through His Mercy, will be tolerant of such
    souls who strive, by the hand of the deceiver, to render the Word of God

    Be wary My children of those who vehemently oppose My word, through these messages. You must pray for their souls.

    Your Jesus