November 22 Seems Like a Good Day for Conspiracy Theories

and reader John Herreid comes through with a fine, albeit tongue-in-cheek effort:

“I heard Our Lady of Medjugorje said vaccines cause genetically modified corn to adopt common core standards.”

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

"Very much enjoyed the account."

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"Sometimes the "Oh wow!"-ness of the experience is sufficient unto itself....enjoyed tagging along!"

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  • S. Murphy

    Yes, and the Fourth Secret of Fatima is that if the Cubs ever win the series again, that’s when the world will end. So if they win the penant, go to confession; and they win 3, go again, just to be sure!

  • Nick Corrado
  • Gabriel Blanchard

    I’m very happy right now. It’s so perfect; MST3K-worthy.