Prez lied that you can keep your insurance

How does he deal with that? By blaming somebody else of course!

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  • Except if your insurance company changes your insurance policy, is it still the same insurance policy?

  • He’s lying abuot the lying. Have you seen Frank Weather’s blog about the “classy” advertisement to induce people to sigh up? Here:

    How repulsive is that? That’s basically what this administration reduces to, free sex and abortion coverage.

  • Alexander S Anderson

    The last sentence where HHS Secretary Sebelius takes all the blame is telling. I’m actually quite amazed. Has there ever been a President who has been *this* good at getting his underlings to roll under busses for him?

    • Barfly_Kokhba

      Well, since not a single one of any of them are ever going to experience even the mildest consequences of any sort for anything they do, no matter what, and they know it, it’s not quite as impressive as it could be.

      Sebelius: “Yeah, I’m responsible. Oh no, I’m not going to resign, or fire anybody else, or even fix it.

      Well, I’m going back to my office to play solitaire for an hour before I roll on out of here at 4:30pm sharp, back to my mansion in northern Virginia. See ya.”

  • Seriously. What if your insurance gets changed? Does that not matter? Insurance policies are not metaphysical unities. Are we constructing some sort of narrative? I don’t like Obama at all. I just don’t see why this is lying.

    • What makes it lying is that many of the changes in insurance plans are directly required by the PPACA (or its implementation by HHS or state insurance commissioners). So the only reason someone is losing the plan that they “liked” is because the law required (or strongly motivated) the insurance company to change the plan. Obama & co. knew the law was written to effect exactly this kind of change, that “grandfathered” plans would be extraordinarily difficult to achieve and to maintain; yet they repeated the promise that no one would have to change plans if they didn’t want to. They knew they were misleading, even speaking blatant falsehoods. I don’t see how this isn’t lying.

  • Paxton Reis

    This is an unsurprising aspect of his character. He is about politics and his brand of “progressive” ideology.

    There is nothing in his political background to suggest he could work in a bipartisan matter and there is nothing in his senatorial career to suggest he has dynamic leadership skills.

    Yes, he runs an efficient and effective campaign, but executive leadership is not his strong suit. Unlike Governors Carter, Reagan, Clinton, and GWB, President Obama has very little executive experience, and it shows with the roll out of the ObamaCare debacle. He will need to sit down with Pelosi and Reid to work this out, though those two are also the prime Congressional movers behind ObamaCare. Perhaps he should sit down with Paul Ryan and Sen. Ron Wyden to formulate a credible response to the roll out.

    • Stu

      Obama can’t lead. Simple as that.

      And unfortunately pointing out the obvious is often met with simplistic cries of racism.

  • Look, if nobody can answer my simple question, I’m going to have to conclude that we’re lying.

    • AnsonEddy

      Maybe people aren’t responding because they don’t understand your question. I don’t really understand what you are asking myself. Yes, insurance companies changed policies and they did so for a number of reasons mostly having to do with the requirements of the PPACA. The PPACA mandated new requirements for coverage such as maternity, mental health, substance abuse treatment, co-pays, etc… At the same time they were required to enroll additional people regardless of health with controlled premium costs per age. Then the policy eliminated maximum benefit caps. This meant that insurers had to completely restructure their risk pools. To offset the additional risk the insurers have to raise premiums and cut benefits on a cost/benefit basis. People are pointing out that Obama certainly must have known that new requirements would result in some consumers having to pay higher premiums for less coverage. But he led people to believe that if they had arrived at a level of insurance they liked at a premium they felt comfortable affording, that this would survive the new structural realities of the health insurance market. He must have known this wouldn’t be the case, but he promised it anyway.

      • Thank you. This was the kind of reply I wanted.

  • Mark.

    Reared to be a Stalinist. What should one expect?

    • chezami

      Um, you do realize that a pol can be liar without being a “Stalinist”, right? Comparisons of Obama with Stalin and Hitler only make Obama haters sound completely unhinged.

      • Mark.

        Okay, shouldn’t have used that word, and being reared that way doesn’t guarantee adherence: my friends who were reared Catholic are mostly Buddhists or atheists now.