The NY Times Does the Autopsy

on the Obamacare rollout. It’s been amazing to see this spectacular act of self-immolation, hubris, and sycophantic-underling-shielding-from-reality combined with an Executive who really seems to have believed his own banana oil about his divinely creative word simply speaking things into existence. What has been most astounding about it is Obama’s repeated protestation about “I’m just as surprised as you are” and his weird insistence that he only finds out what he and his Administration are doing when the media reports it to him. One get the impression that there is no executive in the executive branch. I’m reminded of Lincoln’s remark that one of his general’s behaved like a duck that had been hit on the head. Obama seems stunned and no longer in control of events, but simply having events wash over him. That’s not good. And having people run around, talking as though this is all part of some vast coordinated conspiracy and Obama is cackling to himself, “Exxxcccellent! All is unfolding according to my Master Plan!” is, I think, the most wrong-headed and needlessly paranoid way that Righties can read the situation. Obama is not an Evil Genius and Obamacare is not his Master Stroke. Obama is a smart ideologue with way too much faith in the state and the power of technology who has been blind-sided by the fact that his word does not have divinely creative power to Make it So. He’s never run a bake sale, much less the massive overhaul of our medical system and he had no idea how to oversee this website or this gigantic project. Righties should not be indulging in Evil Mastermind paranoia. They should be thinking about the common good and how best to either salvage or roll back this massive clusterfrack. Lefty stupidity and incompetence is not helped by Righties jumping at their own shadows.

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