The Purpose of the Military is to Kill People and Break Things

In order to do that effectively, it was perfectly appropriate to make use of all resources, including human resources, as much as possible.  So it was perfectly appropriate  to get rid of stupid color, ethnic and gender barriers that hindered that mission.

It is not, however, perfectly appropriate to replace one stupid ideology with another by sending women into combat and by making the military a laboratory in which our troops are forced to waste their time being compelled offer not merely tolerance but fake celebration of homosex to people whose sexual behavior is nobody’s business but their own.  This detracts from the central function of the military every bit as much as the brain dead dogmas of the past.  And it does so not because it is has anything to do with the mission of the military (much less something “critical” to the mission of the military), but because our troops are the one demographic under the absolute despotic rule of our Ruling Class and are therefore forced to knuckle under to the social engineering that they would, if they could, subject everybody to.  For our Ruling Class, tolerance is not enough.  You.  MUST. Approve!

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