We Dark Lords Find This Kind of Thing Deeply Inspiring

Watch to the end, particularly as that last metronome (the one on the right in the second row) comes to love Big Brother and submit to the General Will. As your Dear Leader, I vow that I will use any means necessary to bring this beautiful order out of the chaos of decadent Western freedom.

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  • ImTim

    Okay, that’s awesome…but WHY does it happen?

    • Ken Crawford

      Here’s my theory… the platform the metronome are on is not fixed. You can see it moving back and forth slightly in the video. The result is that there is an interaction between the weights in the metronome and the movement of the platform.

      The weight movement causes the platform to move, at first unpredictably, but it finds the dominant harmonic naturally. Then, as the dominant harmonic gets the platform into a rhythm, the remaining metronomes are forced into the same pattern as the dominant ones because the platform is moving.

      I’ll do the experiment if you buy the metronomes 🙂

      • Damien Woods

        I think that’s exactly right. Would it work it they were on a granite counter top or pool table for example.

        Beginning with my second viewing, I think I’m noticing that the table is moving slightly from the very start even before all the metronomes are set going (see the writing on the side of the table). I hate to be cynical, but perhaps the table is moving intentionally and eventually the metronomes conform to the table. Still, it’s a fascinating and highly symbolic effect.

        Should I be inspired by the unity or depressed by the conformity?

        • Fr. Denis Lemieux

          So that just goes to show that if you are not standing on a firm foundation of unchanging moral principles, you are at the mercy of the zeitgeist and will eventually succumb… or maybe I’m overthinking this a bit.

          • Chris

            You’re not overthinking at all. An amazing observation and an analogy that is exactly right. The metronomes are shaking the table, and the table is the foundation of them all. Eventually the foundation’s motion is averaged out and all the metronomes are forced into the same rhythm by the shifting foundation. We the same force happening in logical terms in our current media-based culture, dramatically accelerated by the Internet. Morals are defined by Internet memes and what elite reporters believe, and anyone who is grounded only on that, eventually will fall in line or risk exile.

  • Jason Hall

    Ah, the sound of those metronomes clicking in unison brings to mind the sound created by the marching of your glorious liberating army!

  • Charles Cosimano

    It is inspiring.