Child Taken from Womb by Social Services

One of the ironies of the Left is that it often ends up enacting its own nightmares. Britain, for instance, is managing to do its best to extirpate the Christianity that was, in the fever dream of The Handmaid’s Tale, institute a fundamentalist theocratic fascist regime that oppresses women. Result: a secular fascist regime that steal children from their mother’s womb.

The rationale for sedating her and forcibly taking her child by Caesarean is, get this, because of concern about her mental health. Certainly this will help her find healing.

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  • Jedinovice

    >One of the ironies of the Left is that it often ends up enacting its own nightmares.

    No. The ‘nightmares’ are the plan. The whole idea is to replace freedom loving democracy supported with Christianity moral teaching with an atheistic tyranny. The nightmares of the Left are their dreams. They want to be God.

    You can see why I have departed the UK with no plans to return.

    • John Prangley

      It should enlighten your readers to know that here in the UK we have one of the most right wing Governments in power which is oppressing the poor as never before. I do not understand why this seeming outrage is attributed to the left rather than to the particular group of doctors and social workers who are rightly coming under fierce scrutiny on all sides for this bizarre decision.

  • Michelle

    Some on the Left are just as appalled by this story as are those on the Right. I first saw notice of this story in the Facebook group of hardcore secular feminists. They might not express their concern for the rights of the mother in quite the same way as would pro-family, pro-child social conservatives, but there is significant overlap in mutual astonishment and disgust that this poor woman had her child ripped from her womb.

  • TMLutas

    Taking the child by forced c-section was only the beginning. She was finally released, got back on her meds, and is currently fighting to get her child back. Social services not only will not give her child to her, it refuses to allow an adoption to her ex-husband, insisting that the child be adopted out to a non-family member.