Day 6 of the Tin Cup Rattle

We’re coming in on the Home Stretch. If you care about supporting a lower middle class dude and his Fambly o’Fun in their ongoing quest to have food and shelter, as well as getting yourself a heapin’ helpin’ o’ cultural commentary and news that you can’t do without, then please drop some shekels in the DONATE button on the right. My kids thank you!

Please, if you appreciate this site, click on the PayPal button to the right so that CAEI can stay on the air and our kids get fed. You can either make a straight donation or, if you like to get something for your money (something beyond this blog that you’ve come to love and depend on, I mean), you can buy my books, CDs, and DVDs. And if you’d rather not do the PayPal thang, feel free to email me and ask for my snailmail address. I’ll happily take a check instead.

Also, don’t forget that I am ready, willing and able to come speak for you and teach you 50 bazillion gobs of stuff (it’s been scientifically measured) about the Faith that will make you go, “Dang!  The Catholic faith really is amazing and beautiful and thrilling and fullfilling!”  If you don’t believe me, have me come and speak and I’ll show you.

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  • kmk

    I fee like an idiot, but—WHAT paypal button on the left? Im looking all over the place, but it is Moday, we used up the caffienated coffee yesterday, and it’s MOnday, so it could be there, but is there an arrow or something….

    • Mark Shea

      Sorry. Fixed it.

  • kmk

    Oh–Duh–it’s over there under your picture. Sih… (That is my right, I think, your left….) Oy!

  • MaryBeth

    We have made friends with a new couple going through RCIA at our parish. They have 4 kids and are coming over from a pretty charismatic evangelical church. When we mentioned getting together they were psyched. Our kids all match up in ages etc.. When I mentioned celebrating the Feast Day coming up.. i. e. Immaculate Conception, they shied away and said “We are just trying to wrap our heads around the whole Mary thing.” That has stayed with me and I think they would benefit from your Marian trilogy. Ours is packed as we are building a house right now. I don’t see it in your store. Any still left?


    • Mark Shea

      The book is currently out of print but will be out again next year from Marytown Press.