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A reader writes:

Lately I’ve been mulling over Faith and Hope, trying to define them in a way that seems to make sense. The problem is that when I finally do come to a definition of one it sounds like I’m defining the other. I can easily accept that the two things may intersect, but I’d still like a good crisp definition.

Have you ever thought of taking a stab at it, such that it clears up where the two intersect, and where they are unique?

Many thanks,

PS. This may sound like a funny analogy, but I get the sense that Faith is what pushes us to God, and Hope is what pulls us to heaven.

I’m intrigued by your PS. Meanwhile, rather than my worthless prattle, here’s what you need (click on the cover to get the book from Amazon):

Josef Pieper is just wonderful. Clear as a bell and deep as the sea. Tell your loved ones you want this for Christmas and then take a few lovely leisurely holidays to read this and (speaking of which) another wonderful book by him:

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