For the Instrument-Rated Santa in Your Life

Here is some truly inside baseball humor.

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  • Stu

    Given Bishop Saint Nicholas is also the Patron of Sailors, that makes him a Naval Aviator. So his boots are really brown and he always gets an “OK-3 wire.”

    Fly Navy…The Best Always Have.

  • Thomas J. Ryan

    Looks legit to me. It’s amazing what they can do with 5 letter identifiers. RNAV 16 at Portsmouth pays homage to Sylvester & Tweety

    • B.E. Ward

      There are quite a few “outside” references in waypoints these days, with the list growing with every new RNAV procedure.

      DCA now has the FRDMM arrival with HONNR, BRVRY, COURG, PDLGE, WEWIL, NEVVR, FORGT, SEPII, and ALWYZ.

      MCO has the PIGLT arrival, with HKUNA, MTATA, JAZMN, JAFAR, RFIKI, and TTIGR.

      My long-standing favorite, though, is MCI’s ILS to 1R. SPICY, BARBQ, TERKY, SMOKE, and RIBBS.

      • Thomas J. Ryan

        They’ve definitely grown with RNAV. I wonder how long they can go on. There are a few football references associated with the Dallas area STARs