Fr. Barron Offers a Typically Smart Take

…on Francis as TIME’s Man of the Year. Best part, he not only gets Francis, he gets TIME’s inability to get Francis:

Two Years Out from his Election to the Papacy, Bill Doino is delighted with Pope Francis
Francis the Revolutionary
Pope Francis Minutes
Getting to the Heart of Francis
  • Sarx Discuss

    He’s always very smart and perceptive. Goodness what an asset we have in Fr. Barron.

  • Illinidiva

    It is correct that some liberals enamored with Francis seem to forget that he is a Catholic priest. Matt Yglesias actually whined about the fact that Evangelii Gaudium spent too much time talking about Jesus. Yep, a document by any pope is going to spend time discussing Jesus. But I read Father Barron’s column over at Real Clear Religion and he seems to be conflating the line in Time magazine that Francis has elevated the healing mission of the church above the doctrinal watchdog message of his two predecessors. Whether they intended to or not, both JPII and Benedict could come off as scolds and the sexual morality purity police; Francis doesn’t. I think that by “doctrinal police” Time meant that Francis is setting out a different and more loving and merciful path than the ugly path of mocking, scolding, and hectoring followed by Michael Voris and others that has been ascendant in the U.S. Church.

  • KM

    Excellent video.