Fr. Denis Lemieux continues the War on Christmas!!!!

…because it’s still Advent.

He writes:

I haven’t come your way with a link for awhile, but thought your readers might be interested in what I’m doing this week. I’ve been blogging ‘all Advent, all the time’ this month, just doing my little bit to further the War on Christmas (I in my own idiosyncratic fashion have declared war on any celebration of Christmas before December 25! Season’s Greetings, indeed!).

This week I’m focussing on the O Antiphons which are the heart of the Church’s late Advent prayer. The link to the first one is here.

I will be doing this each day from now until Dec 23. Your folks might be interested in a little pre-Christmas spiritual reading – I aim to provide.

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  • Fr. Denis Lemieux

    Merci, Mark!