Good news, bad news

The Good News: Pope Francis beats Miley Cyrus for TIME Person of the Year

The Bad News: TIME seriously considered Miley Cyrus “Person of the Year” material

Anyway, nice to see a Person of the Year who actually merits being Person of the Year.  Also nice to see TIME actually learning a bit about the Pope actually job, which is not to overturn those silly Catholic dogmas but to teach them.

Over to you, Frank Weathers! How is the Victory Dance going there at the your huge blog party in Times Square?  Have they dropped the confetti, brought out the parade floats and fired up the Mariachi band yet?

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  • UAWildcatx2

    The funny/sad thing is that Father Z is wondering whether Pope emeritus Benedict XVI actually deserves the nod for stepping down and allowing Pope Francis to be elected. Some people are just never happy.

  • Dan

    I’m still proud when I named was Time’s Person of the Year*. I considered it a huge honor . . .

    *Technically, this is sort of true.

    Cynically speaking, I wonder if Time thought that Pope Francis on the cover would sell the most magazines?

  • Rachel

    These Time men/women of the year or in the case a couple of years ago (everyone) don’t really mean anything. Hitler, Osama Bin Laden, etc have been selected. That being said, its cool to see Pope Francis on the cover but Pope Benedict should have a small credit for pressing the red button by resigning and starting another conclave. What a year its been! God bless Pope Francis and Pope emeritus Benedict XVI

  • kenofken

    I’m just grateful they didn’t split the difference and have a cover of His Holiness riding the wrecking ball….like that!

    • Heather

      Okay, that was a mental image I would dearly like to unsee. Someone pass me the brain bleach!

      • kenofken

        When you roll with me, there’s no bait and switch, no paying for the upgrade. You get the full Seth MacFarlane-level wrongness right out of the box!

  • OldWorldSwine

    And the loyal opposition on the Catholic Right are offering this up as prima facie evidence that Francis is indeed the Worst Pope Evah.

    • chezami

      He leaves the ninety and nine of us who are Pure and fraternizes with the enemy! He is loved by whores and tax collectors! He doesn’t protect the Fortress!

      The butthurt is strong with those ones.

  • Procopius

    Just wait, they love him now, but soon the press will find out he is Catholic, and the feeding frenzy will commence. As for TIME reporting on the Church, you missed the part where they referred to the Eucharist as a symbol?

    • chezami

      The Eucharist is a symbol. All sacraments are. They symbolize what they do and they do what they symbolize. What TIME doesn’t get is that it is not *only* a symbol. But I cut non-Catholics slack on such fine points. And yeah: the media will eventually figure out the Francis is Catholic and start with the “we had hoped..” eulogies for a great man trapped in a prison of backward thinking.

      • Procopius

        “We had hoped..”if only, I’m expecting them to turn on him like wolves, or more accurately, jilted lovers

    • Dan C

      1). Mismanaged scandal will cause trouble.
      2). In his decline, his media spectacle will be less forceful, then there may be more reflection.
      3). He gave a big and storing first impression, and this will resonate for a while.

      He will have a long positive honeymoon barring decline , death, scandal

    • Dan C

      I disagree

    • $2346491

      John XXIII is still beloved among liberals because of the Council and he was still a Catholic priest. In fact, he actually loved ornate religious ceremonies quite a bit, something Francis definitely doesn’t. Ditto with JPII during his papacy and Mother Teresa despite their adherence to Catholic doctrine. And yes the little blurb pointing out that the Church was overturning doctrine was dumb, but nothing in the main story suggested that he is. In fact, the story states that he isn’t. I’m not sure why Catholics are obsessed with the fact that liberals and the secular media seem enamored with the Pope. It seems to me that this is a siege mentality. Why not as Francis has embrace it to get out the Church’s message.

  • Mark, it’s sort of like Les Nessman at the WKRP Turkey Drop over here.

  • Thibaud313
  • The two main reactions to the news of Pope Francis being named Time’s Person of the Year:

    Reaction 1: Time Magazine named Pope Francis Person of the Year? Who thinks popes are still important?

    Reaction 2: Time Magazine named Pope Francis Person of the Year? Who thinks Time Magazine is still important?