How fun!

Two of my favorite people, Sr. Miriam Heidland and Audrey Assad, will be be at the Rise Up Conference in Canada.

A reader writes:

It is the largest Catholic University student conference in Canada, with an expected 700+ students attending this year.

Catholic Christian Outreach is, in most respects, the Canadian version of FOCUS, with the distinction that we are a number of years older. In fact, this year we celebrated our 25th Anniversary. We have been seeking to evangelize fallen away Catholic university students, and teach them to become leaders in the faith, for 25 years.
I wanted to show you this, on the off chance that you might post it on your blog, to let you know that the Church in Canada is not dead, and is starting to live again. I predict that in the next 15 years, CCO will have reach most the major campuses in Canada, and will have lead thousands of Catholics back to the faith.

Our materials are used all around the world, including by many FOCUS groups. Our founders were invited to Rome for the Synod on the New Evangelization back a year or two ago, and we have been committed to the NE since before it was cool.
Hope this news gives you hope for Canada.

Go Canada!

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  • Fr. Darryl

    CCO was a huge part of my own vocational journey. I’m so excited for this conference!

  • Dan V

    It would be worth going just to listen to Fr. Clair Watrin.