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Pope ramps up charity office to be near poor and sick.

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I stand with Rebecca Bratten Weiss

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  • Steve

    There have been rumors circulating that Pope Francis is going out by night to serve the poor. While I’m sure he’d love to, I doubt such rumors are true. The Swiss Guard would pitch a fit, and someone would have captured it on Instagram by now.

    • $2346491

      Actually, this rumor seems credible. It all started because +Konrad is both a living saint and an awful liar and basically hinted at this. The Huffingtonpost has an anonymous source confirming this is the case. Of course, it is still an open question but it makes sense in terms of Francis’ personality. And security probably did pitch a fit when they found out. But he probably looked like every other elderly priest in Rome so no Instagram shots.
      Whether true or not, I’m sure that every newspaper in Rome has photographers stationed outside the Vatican every night now.