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“I spoke about baptism and communion as spiritual food that helps one to go on; it is to be considered a remedy not a prize.” – Pope Francis

I receive the sacraments, not because I deserve them, but because I don’t deserve them. If I, being what I am, can consider myself in some sense a Christian, God forbid I tell somebody else to depart from the Table. I’ll leave that awesome and dreadful responsibility to the poor bishops and priests who have to make that call now and then. I have enough sins on my own head to worry about.

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"Great post, Mark."

Not coincidentally….

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  • Andy, Bad Person

    But Mark, I’ve read 3 or 4 paragraphs of the Code of Canon Law, and am clearly qualified to make a canonical judgment based on those. Maybe plebs like you can’t make that judgment, but I can.

    I’m re-reading that before posting and realizing that it’s impossible to be sarcastic on the internet anymore.

  • Dave

    In general, I agree with Pope Francis. In the case of politicians or other public figures who willfully ignore their Catholic faith and defend or commit grossly immoral practices, I think there has to be denial of Communion in order to prevent serious scandal. In this sense, I agree with Cardinal Burke over Cardinal Wuerl. (I’m not sure if the original post is related to this question at all.)

    Otherwise, if the faithful can see that people such as Pelosi, Biden, etc. are treated as Catholics in good standing, certainly then they too may dissent and act in any number of ways against the Church’s teaching and still be Catholics in good standing. At least, that is the message the poorly catechized pewsitters will get.

  • Bobby

    This speaks directly to an experience I had this week. Here in Hartford, our new Archbishop was installed on Monday. As would be expected, all sorts of local dignitaries attended. Including the mayor of Hartford, who is homosexual and “married.” Of course, he presented himself for and received communion. So did our pro-abortion governor. This all had me yelling at the TV. Thanks, Mark, for giving me a better way to look at this. It still bothers me, but I needed to be reminded that I, too, have enough sins on my own head to worry about.