Jason Stellman has way too much fun…

dialing back the annual panic over the WAR ON CHRISTMAS!!!!

San Francisco Archbishop Revealed to be Catholic
Prayer Request for a Christian family kidnapped by ISIS–and commentary by Fr. Barron
Thomas Peters on Signs of Hope in the Church
Joseph Pearce and Kevin O’Brien on Tolkien, Myth, and Mortality
  • Dave G.

    Boy did that piece scream ‘child of the post-modern West.’

  • Fred

    Talking about totally missing the point of what people are complaining about. I would love to read a good talk about why this is not a problem, but this one failed.

  • wlinden

    Anyway, it is a war on ADVENT.

  • JasonStellman

    Thanks for the shout-out, Mark. And it’s called satire, people. Unclench….