Lovely piece on the actual point of Christmas

at, of all places, HuffPo.  I didn’t know HuffPo allowed that kind of thing.  Nice to see!

Me: I think the main trick to keeping Christ in Christmas is keeping Mass in Christmas.

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  • Rebecca Fuentes

    That is a great piece. He really puts his finger right on it.

  • merkn

    Thanks for pointing this out. It is always good to see the Truth when it pops up in unexpected (by me anyway) places. It’s a reminder of the omnipresence of the Truth as well as the need for humilty in that those I disagree with on many temporal things are right on some more fundamental and important things. Agree with your point on Mass. Some time back I took someone’s advice and started trying to treat Advent a little morelike Lent; it really brought out a lot more of the joy and happiness that is in the Season waiting for us if we are open to it.