Mission Accomplished

Al-Qaeda raises its black flag of rule in Iraq…

Meanwhile, here at home, the Ruling Class that sent our troops on this misbegotten war, a Ruling Class that features the odious Ayn Rand worshipper Paul Ryan–who did his best to get Catholics to fall down in adoration before that enemy of God and who divides the world into Makers and Takers–shows which group he belongs to by, once again, giving the shaft to the troops.  Working closely with my own Senator, Patty Murray, perhaps the single dumbest person in the Senate, Ryan has once again done his bit to demonstrate that the conservative Catholic anti-charism of discernment, that just a year ago was hailing him as Aquinas and Rand as Aristotle, has not lost its ability to throw itself body and soul into backing obviously bad people and ideas with a flabbergasting lack of prudence and common sense.

And now the leading thinkers of this fantastically imprudent and wrong-headed subculture are overwhelmingly dominated by thinkers and opinion makers who say that the greatest threat the Church faces is… the Pope and they alone can defend the True Faith.  I can think of no greater  endorsement for listening to him very closely than the fact that so many representatives of this amazingly discernment-free and self-satisfied faction are struggling to minimize, ignore, and shout him down.

The Manufacturers of Thought and Correct Opinion for the Thing that Used to be Conservatism are not your friends.  Their interest in people of faith is the wolf’s interest in the lamb.  Listen to your Shepherd, not these wolves.  They don’t care about you and, when the times comes, will eat you and yours.

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