My Inner Nerdly 12 Year Old Delights in This

"Thank you for this, its what I need to ponder. God Bless you!"

Our Lady is So Gentle
"Have you done any research on the early Church Fathers' or Popes' takes on this ..."

Two Great Homilies on Sunday
"Thank you for calmly and courageously presenting the truth, Mary Ann."

Charlottesville, Virtue Signalling, and the Defenders ..."
"Capital! And what are you doing differently today than two days ago so your vice ..."

Our Lady is So Gentle
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  • Kelly


  • victor

    That was pretty great!! 😀

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    My outward, nerdy 36-yr old delights in it too.

  • bear

    Is it wrong that my favourite part was Picard telling Wesley to shut up?

    • Kelly

      No. That’s the funniest part.

  • Heather

    This is amazing.