Obamacare: Brought to You by the Smartest People in the Room


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The Sheer Orwellianism of Crisis
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Your Thomistic Coolness for Today
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The Sheer Orwellianism of Crisis

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  • Brennan

    Here’s another computer security guy saying basically the same thing but even more directly:


  • said she

    After 30+ years in IT, I see that the old saw is still true as ever: “Those who can: do. Those who can’t: teach. Those who can’t teach: work for the government.”

    Actual, technical minds are severly allergic to the brown-nose culture rampant in goverment jobs. Real techies delight in doing great work. So, the ethical brains work for various businesses, large and small, including white-hat security outfits (some really great people! isc.sans.org has volunteers – volunteers!!! – good guys keeping an eye on all security issues all over teh interwebz, reporting them to us wanna-be security folks who’re just trying to protect our companies), and the evil ones get very rich as hackers (because that kind of crime pays really well). That just leaves the brown-nosers and the sub-par techies who enjoy the gov’t benefits (leave your conscience at home). So, the Obamacare website’s various “glitches” are no surprise, nor that security wasn’t designed into it from the start.