Pro-Abort Women Acting KKKlassy!

People saying the Rosary at the Cathedral in Buenos Aires are spray-painted with swastikas by topless pro-abort understudies for Ilse Koch, demonstrating the sort of grace and style that only the culture of death can really pull off.

Congratulations, ladies. You are the Face of the Child Slaughter movement.

God bless those people praying and putting up with that abuse. May it be remembered in your favor on That Day.

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  • John Simmins

    Funny how “my body, my choice” doesn’t apply to spray paint….

  • UAWildcatx2

    Ironic that they painted swastikas, since the description reminds me so much of the scene in “The Cardinal” when Nazis barge into the Archbishop of Vienna’s office in a rabid frenzy, assaulting the priests, ripping a painting of the crucified Lord, etc.

    Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose

  • kenofken

    You don’t fight angry topless women who think they’re “all that” with a bunch of mopey pious men. You fight them with drag queens! Big, drunk, six-foot-five and up, catty queens! Two ranks deep, they could have stood their ground like Gondor’s finest. The first biological woman to draw spray paint can would be running home with patches of hair missing!

    • orual’s kindred

      Well, but nothing says ‘You’re not all that’ quite like sending out mopey pious men, saying the Rosary 😀

      (And really. ‘Iglesia, basura’? That’s supposed to be their war chant?)

  • Lisa

    I find this disgusting, horrific, and terribly discouraging – I really fear the way our culture is headed, I’m especially afraid for my children. I pray they have the strength to fight the good fight when things get really difficult, as they may well do.
    But…I also find this wonderful and encouraging. Those men are heroes, willing to suffer for Christ and His Church. I am sure the witness they gave will bear fruit.

  • Barbara

    I know there are nuances to the situation of women in Latin America, but this to me just seems like a mob crying out for baby’s blood.

  • Rachel

    the weird thing about this story is that the same EXACT assault also happened last year, at least that was the impression from the Spanish original (I saw a news story dated last year talking about literally the same attack). So, if in fact the Same kind of attack happened last year…then why the HELL did the bishop not get better security out there instead of letting these poor male parishioners to get the brunt of the attack?

  • Rachel
  • Elmwood

    Why weren’t they arrested? How is it legal to assault people with spray paint and spitting? Or for that matter, spray painting churches?

  • Dan F.

    Blessd are you when they persecute you. .. God bless those men and God bw merciful to those women and deliver them from their bondage.

  • Steve P

    But boy am I going to get mad when I have to suffer the persecution of the store clerk who doesn’t wish me a Merry Christmas instead of Happy Holidays… 🙁

    • Marion (Mael Muire)

      No, Steve, stores refusing to acknowledge Christmas isn’t persecution, because we as consumers are free simply to choose not to spend our Christmas shopping budgets with retailers who censor Christmas on their premises, and instead to spend our shopping dollars with retailers who are happy to acknowledge the season.

      And more and more of us are telling retailers that that is precisely what we plan to do. I’m a happy camper!

  • kirthigdon

    This is sort of typical of the Peronist left in Argentina. Back during the first Peron regime, he unleashed his thugs on the Cathedral in Buenos Aires because the clergy criticized his open liaisons with young girls. But you also have an equivalent in Europe with such groups as Femen and Pussy Power. I commend the defenders of the Church for behaving like true Christians and not answering violence with violence. The feminists concluded their demonstration by burning Pope Francis in effigy. Reminds one of the attempt by fellow Nazarenes to murder their Lord, Savior, and long-time neighbor.
    Kirt Higdon