Tee, as they say…


Pope’s Sex Abuse Commission Alarmed by Chilean Bishop Appt.
Today’s Work of Mercy (click on the graphic)
Behold the Rube Goldberg Passover Seder!!!
Vergil honored them with his classic poem “Sweet Georgics Brown”
  • Stu

    Now we see where Joe Biden gets his material.

  • Linebyline

    To be fair, #2 isn’t bad writing. It’s just an accurate transcription of a spoken sentence. Said sentence is convoluted and, if I’m correct, has one too many negatives, but that’s the way people talk. Long sentences don’t work as well in speech as they do in writing (where they don’t work as well as people who use them like me, like to think) because by the end of the sentence, the speaker often forgets how the beginning was constructed. I catch myself doing that all the time.