To My Sweetie on our 30th Anniversary

Just about everything you need to know about my heart on this earth is in this picture.

I love you always and always.

  • Chris Chan

    Happy anniversary!

  • Hermann o

    And to many more years!

  • James H, London

    Congrats, Sheas!

    Ad multos annos!

  • Gail Finke

    Aw, that is the best post! What a wonderful thing for your wife to read! Happy anniversary.

  • ivan_the_mad

    Happy anniversary! May you continue to prosper in the grace of the sacrament :)

  • Beadgirl

    Aw, happy anniversary!

  • Hunk Hondo

    God send you many more years of happiness together.

  • orual’s kindred

    :’-) Happy anniversary!

  • Alex Edezhath

    Happy Anniversary Mark and Jan. Hope all is well.

  • AMoniqueOcampo

    2 of my friends from college just got married. I’m glad that they will share this month with you and your wife.

  • Dave G.

    Happy Anniversary and many, many more.

  • Rebecca Fuentes

    Congratulations! Many, many happy returns.

  • S. Murphy


  • Adam Burch


    From the picture, it looks your heart is given over to your wife and your beard.

    When is your beardiversary?

  • lspinelli

    Congratulations, and many more!

  • freddy

    Happy Anniversary! May God bless you now and always. Prayers!

  • Infinite Grace

    Happy Anniversary to you both! I find it fantastic that one of so, so many words most of the time is basically speechless when it comes to his heart’s love. A beautiful tribute to love.

  • John G.

    Happy Anniversary!

  • Mary E.

    Happy Anniversary to you and your beloved. May the two of you celebrate many, many more.

  • Lori Pieper

    How sweet! A happy anniversary to you both!