Took a Little Time, But Justice has been Done

Martin Bashir, who seriously used his platform to shriek that somebody should “shit and piss” in Sarah Palin’s mouth and eyes has finally been axed from his gig. One cheer to MSNBC for doing the right thing, two cheers withheld for being gutless cowards and not terminating him with extreme prejudice ten seconds after he went off the air. Being allowed to “resign” instead of being fired is the difference between the gentle sentence of hemlock and the brutal sentence of public execution. In Bashir’s case, common decency says he should have been fired and not allowed to go gently into that good night.

Decent pundits left and right hail the move. Wonkette, a website filled with utter hatred for the very fact of Trig Palin’s existence, which once infamously published a “birthday greeting” post mocking his mental disability and which only retracted when sponsor money became an issue, thereby exiling themselves from the human race–but not from leftist punditry–is disappointed that Bashir is gone. Yet another reason to be happy.

The weird and disproportionate amount of visceral psychotic hatred that the hard core Left feels for Sarah Palin–and, let’s face it, especially for Trig Palin–is really creepy and breathtaking. They. Can’t. Stop. Themselves. It gives you that feeling of pity and revulsion you feel for this poor sod:

Only Queeg served honorably for years and was broken in the end by the strain of command. The repellent creatures who hate a little boy for the crime of existing have no such excuse.

Hard Core Lefties: Sarah Palin is a trivial figure who poses you no threat. Get over her. Her child is an innocent little boy. Get over him. The fact that your philosophy demands that he and all his kind be killed in order to create your perfect world is a judgment on you, not on her for giving him life. Your intense hatred of that child is why–for all the many right and true things the Left has to say in criticism of the brainlessness of the Thing that Used to be Conservatism that Palin represents–[lots of people who might otherwise agree with you on many points shy away from you in horror and revulsion. I would be filled with deep fear for my soul if the creature that wrote Wonkette’s attack on Trig Palin thought well of me in any way.

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