Took a Little Time, But Justice has been Done

Martin Bashir, who seriously used his platform to shriek that somebody should “shit and piss” in Sarah Palin’s mouth and eyes has finally been axed from his gig. One cheer to MSNBC for doing the right thing, two cheers withheld for being gutless cowards and not terminating him with extreme prejudice ten seconds after he went off the air. Being allowed to “resign” instead of being fired is the difference between the gentle sentence of hemlock and the brutal sentence of public execution. In Bashir’s case, common decency says he should have been fired and not allowed to go gently into that good night.

Decent pundits left and right hail the move. Wonkette, a website filled with utter hatred for the very fact of Trig Palin’s existence, which once infamously published a “birthday greeting” post mocking his mental disability and which only retracted when sponsor money became an issue, thereby exiling themselves from the human race–but not from leftist punditry–is disappointed that Bashir is gone. Yet another reason to be happy.

The weird and disproportionate amount of visceral psychotic hatred that the hard core Left feels for Sarah Palin–and, let’s face it, especially for Trig Palin–is really creepy and breathtaking. They. Can’t. Stop. Themselves. It gives you that feeling of pity and revulsion you feel for this poor sod:

Only Queeg served honorably for years and was broken in the end by the strain of command. The repellent creatures who hate a little boy for the crime of existing have no such excuse.

Hard Core Lefties: Sarah Palin is a trivial figure who poses you no threat. Get over her. Her child is an innocent little boy. Get over him. The fact that your philosophy demands that he and all his kind be killed in order to create your perfect world is a judgment on you, not on her for giving him life. Your intense hatred of that child is why–for all the many right and true things the Left has to say in criticism of the brainlessness of the Thing that Used to be Conservatism that Palin represents–[lots of people who might otherwise agree with you on many points shy away from you in horror and revulsion. I would be filled with deep fear for my soul if the creature that wrote Wonkette’s attack on Trig Palin thought well of me in any way.

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  • Paxton Reis

    “The weird and disproportionate amount of visceral psychotic hatred that the hard core Left feels for Sarah Palin…”

    Indeed. A blood relative is a big fan of Martin and MSNBC, and, per his Facebook, said relative expressed deep disappointment with Martin being canned. Lot’s of comments from like minded folks seconded the notion, yet these same folks get upset over an insult spoken from the right.

    Left or right, it is all bad if it is vulgar, demeaning, and dehumanizing.

    • orual’s kindred

      I remember the intense wantonness of that hate during the election period. Platforms? Policies? That un-woman and all her spawn should be wiped from the face of the earth!

      • wlinden

        “During the election period?” The Two Minutes Hate sessions started when she had been the “presumptive nominee” for about, uh, two minutes, before the ideologues could have had a chance to find out anything about her if she was really the incompetent nobody they insisted.

  • Steve

    Rene Girard observed that when a culture separates itself from Christ, it reverts to the scapegoating cycle that defines so much of human history. The hatred of Sarah Palin is a symptom of the unfulfilled desire which can only be resolved by Christ’s Passion, death, and resurrection.

  • wlinden

    “By the authority vested in me by mawkish ITV documentaries produced by Martin Bashir, I pronounce you all paedophiles!”

  • Andrew Simons

    The left’s problem hasn’t been with Trig but with Palin exploiting him for political benefit and claiming victim status. Having said that, Bashir needed to go and it’s too bad it took MSNBC so long to do it. Ironically (perhaps not), Ann Coulter was one of his only media defenders.

    • jaybird1951

      Excuse me, but when and where has Sarah Palin “used” Trig for victim status? I remember well during the 2008 campaign when she proudly showed him to the public and was thanked openly by families with Down Syndrome children of their own.

      • Andrew Simons
        This is an op-ed from right-of-center Kathleen Parker re: Palin using Trig for political points.

        • Josh

          Well, if Kathleen Parker says it then it must be so.

          • Andrew Simons

            Parker — a conservative writer — noted that Palin was selectively indignant about the word “retard” and gave examples. To summarize those examples: If someone on the left used it: bad. If someone on the right used it: okay (Palin excused Limbaugh’s use of “retard” as “satire.”) She used her son’s DD to score political points against her opponents, but excused the same behavior in her political allies. That’s exploitive. And annoying.

            • chezami

              No argument from me. Palin is a demagogue and grifter. Doesn’t matter. Wonkette attacked, not her, but a mentally disable kid in terms so vile that the exclude themselves from all decent human society.

        • chezami

          Doesn’t matter. Nothing can possibly excuse using that boy for a punching bag. Wonkette’s attack was not Palin’s use of her son. It was on Trig–for being mentally disabled and alive. It was vile and it permanently exiled Wonkette from all decent human society till some *sincere* sign of repentance is offered.

    • chezami

      Mainstream Left, this is largely true, which is why they condemned Wonkette. Hard core Left: absolutely they hate Trig’s guts for the crime of existing. Wonkette was expressing some deep id shit and they *did* find an appreciative audience on the garbage scow Left just as coded racist slams at Obama find and appreciative audience in the fever swamps of the Right.

  • Ben

    I think an interesting angle on this, Mark, is that Bashir is said to attend the evangelical Redeemer Presbyterian Church (led by Tim Keller, with whom Bashir has shared a platform in the past). I reckon he knows he did wrong, and is now repenting.

  • david

    I think what he said was tasteless and ridiculous. And it does show the utter hypocrisy of the left who would never tolerate a comment like that about Obama or another of their prized figures. But it seems to me we are buying into the left’s frame, which is that if someone says something politically incorrect or offensive, we have to get all butthurt about it, offended, and demand someone get fired for it.

    I do not care for Bashir or his views, but I sure hope I don’t accidentally say something extra stupid in a moment of bad judgment and have to lose my career over it.

    • jaybird1951

      What makes it far worse than an accidental slip is that Bashir evidently read it from the prompter. It was a prepared remark.

      • Stu

        If that is true, then they need to go around the studio and collect all of the hookahs that the staff has been using to smoke their dope.

  • Stu

    Someone should put a bar of soap in his mouth.

    • Noah Doyle


  • Raymond

    “thereby exiling themselves from the human race”
    “if the creature that wrote Wonkette’s attack on Trig Palin”
    But it’s the liberal press that denies individuals their human dignity.
    Pot > Kettle > Black

  • kirthigdon

    I hate to see someone lose his job over a nasty remark for which he apologized. I don’t rejoice over this “justice” but see it more as a desire for vengeance. Mrs. Palin accepted the apology from what I hear. It is unbecoming to demand more “justice” for her and/or her child than she demands herself. A chance to extend Christian forgiveness has been lost.
    Kirt Higdon

  • Martial_Artist

    Mark Shea, I sincerely hope that your use of the phrase [bold added] “two cheers withheld for being gutless cowards and not terminating him with extreme prejudice ten seconds after he went off the air,” was an intentional use of a hyperbolic euphemism, rather than a literal application of the translated euphemism.
    Pax et bonum,
    Keith Töpfer

  • Jonna

    Do you call for Rush Limbaugh’ s employers to do the same? He talks worse trash every day with a free pass.